Apental Calc for PC Free Download

Apental Calc for PC Free Download

Updated: January 6, 2020

Apental Calc for PC Download

Apental Calc (ApentalCalc) is a Facebook (FB) auto liker app which provides a lot of free likes to your images, photos, status, videos, audios, pictures, a friend’s photos, a Facebook page, and more on Facebook. It requires Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, and Windows 10 to be installed, because the Apental Calc is now available for PC. The latest version of this app at this time is v2.6 for the year of 2018. You can download Apental Calc directly from the given downloading links at the bottom of this page.

All the version of Windows with 32 bit and 64 bit are supporting to Apental Calc Facebook Auto Liker PC App. It is a trend of the time to become popular on social websites such Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, etc. In the modern age there is lack of time to manage such activities for some people. The genius has solved their problem with this mini contribution. If you have no time to spend on Facebook then the best and only solution is Apental Calc. Which will give you more likes, more comments on other status, and even more shares of a photo or image you like.

Apental Calc for PC free download

Apental Calc is available for Android Devices, iPhones, and PC Windows now. You can choose the right file for your OS. If you are looking an Apental calc file tool for Android as Apk, you can get it also here. If you are looking Apental Clac for PC then follow the instructions below to use this Facebook liker on your PC.

What Apental Calc PC can Do?

  • It can get more likes for your photos
  • More likes for any Facebook user’s photos, page, images, videos, audios, and more
  • An easy manual to use for users which makes easiness to use it
  • It is open source which can’t charge even a penny from users.
  • Instant likes
  • Simple to install
  • One click liker
  • Option to select profile/ photo/ video/ image/ status to get free likes
  • & more

All the Facebook auto liker PC applications which don’t have EXE file can be installed on Windows now. You will need the bluestacks file to run all apk files on PC Windows. Do you want to install an apk file on Windows? If “yes” then download Bluestack full file here, after completion the downloading of this file. Run it as administrator on your PC, and then finish to completing the installation process. After installation you can use any apk file on your PC. You can to install all apk files under Bluestacks, and it will allow you to open that apk after installation on Windows to use.

There are different other Facebook Auto Likers available for PC. All they are developed by different developers but the work is same. All these computer applications have been developed to get more and more free likes to your data on Facebook. The best FB likers to gain free likes on Facebook are Facebook auto liker, F8 Auto Liker, DJ liker, MG Liker, ApentalCalc, Auto liker for FB, and more are available for PC.

Facebook Auto Liker for PC

Facebook auto liker app for PC has been designed to get more popularity on a social website which has more than one trillion users at a time. It is available for Android as Apk also. You can download and install it on your Android smart phone from here, or you want it for PC. Then follow the given downloading link to get instantly. It is a freeware file. It supports to Windows all versions.

Download as zip or exe here

F8 Auto Liker for PC

F8 auto liker for PC has been released as open source by its developers. It support it all Android smart phones and tablets. The PC version of this auto liker is not available yet. But, you can use it on your PC by using Bluestacks. Download and install bluestacks on your PC, and then install F8 auto liker apk on it. The bluestacks will enable apk file to usable on PC Windows.

Download F8 Auto Liker

DJ Liker for PC

DJ Auto liker for PC free download from the given downloading link. It can be installed on PC Windows by using Bluestack, because the exe file has not released by officials of DJ liker. You can use DJ liker apk on Windows with the help of Bluestack PC application. Download JD liker apk under here.

Download DJ Liker

MG Liker for PC

The MG liker for PC is a great app to get free likes on Facebook. It provides free services for everyone. The MG auto liker exe file is not release yet, but there is an option to use it on PC. First you have to install bluestacks on your PC, and then download MG liker apk. After it, install apk file on your PC under bluestaks, and use it.

Download MG liker

Auto Liker for PC

A Facebook auto liker named “auto liker for PC” has been released and available for PC. It’s EXE file is available for Windows. You can download it under here, and install directly on your computer. It doesn’t need any other file’s support to install it on PC. Auto liker is an open source. There is no restriction for any country, any region, or any area to use it. It is free for every one which can be used from anywhere of the world.

Download | Mirror

ApentalCalc for PC

Apental Calc for PC is great app to gain free likes. It is very popular in all over the world. You can download it and install it on your computer’s Windows. ApentalCalc EXE file for PC is not release yet. We can install and use it on computer with the help of bluestacks. If the exe file released, then it will be provided to you here. You can download latest version bluestacks here, and then download the Apental Calc apk from the given links below.

How to Use Apental Calc on PC?

  • Download bluestacks full file for Windows
  • After completion the download, install it on computer
  • Download Apental Apk at below
  • Install it under bluestacks
  • After successful installation, tap on install icon to open it under bluestacks
  • And use Apental on PC to get free likes

Download | MirrorCheck for new version

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