Best 10 Software Download Torrent Sites

Here you will read about the best 10 Torrent sites that allow free download files. Many users are searching for reviews about Torrent sites that I am writing today. Torrent sites are providing fast-moving and steaming files that may be Movies, Software, Music, Docs, Images, etc. If you want to download software for PC, Android, or Mac then all these sites are helpful for you. Because you can download your required file in a fast, secure, and easy way. You can visit all these websites any time to get any service related to them but don’t worry we have made it easier for you. We are creating a simple list of them, you may visit them at any time from anywhere.

Best 10 Software Downloading Torrent Sites:

There is a collection of 10 software downloading free Torrent sites where you can download any software application for Windows, Android, or Mac. All these websites are free to use. The best reason to download the software using Torrent websites is that “you may get all those software applications which are not available anywhere else”. But you can download them easily on Torrent sites. The files are available in genuine form and virus clean state. It is the best reason to download any data from Torrent.

These sites are allowing you to download their app for your operating system. You can download These 10 Torrent applications for Windows, Android, and Mac. All these support Windows 32 bit and 64-bit operating systems. You can check the list below here.

These Torrent sites have an easy user interface and their own terms and condition of use. You have to follow them to get any service. You can check in detail their interface and the page look below here.

In Detail:

  1. RARGB

It is the oldest site that provides downloading of different kinds of files. It has a nice front look that is very easy to use. You can take a look under here.

Best 10 Torrent Sites

2. YTS

YTS is another Torrent site that provides free services. It is also included in the best Torrent site list.

3. Torrents is providing free downloading software files. You can use this site to get various services. It has also an easy and glorious front-end design for users.

4. TorrentDB

TorrentDB is a great website to download files with the best quality. You can use it for movies, and software application downloading purposes.

5. LimeTorrent

LimeTorrent will give you more reliable and easy downloading access for files. You can visit it once then you will never go to any other torrent website.

6. 1337X

The Torrent site 1337X also providing free services. You can download movies, applications, images, and more here.

7. TorrentZ2

TorrentZ2 has a dynamic look and services too. It is the easiest website where you will search and start a download within the shortest time.

8. Zoogle

I love Zoogle to visit. It has a very interesting design that attracts the users and stays as long as possible. You must visit if you want more related services.


Eztv is live a live TV and you will choose a program to download. The program may be a movie, music, TV show, or anything else.

10. TorrentDownloads

Why These Sites?

Torrent Downloads website contains a list of popular services which are available for download. You can check and choose to download from the list. It has the easiest user-encouraging theme design.

These Torrent sites are on the popular list that we have brought you. You can visit them one by one to get services. You can also download their Torrent applications from their official website.