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Download ActivePresenter latest version 2020 for Windows Full setup. The latest version Activepresenter is compatible with Windows 64 bit and 32-bit operating systems. It is also available for Mac OS. You can free download Activepresenter for Mac OS and Windows OS below here.


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ActivePresenter is a free screen recorder and screencast video editor. It is a screencasting and eLearning software for Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X which can be used to create software demonstrations, software simulations, and quizzes.

Through this app, you will create a video for e-learning or for interactive presentations at school or office. It allows exporting to a series of images, HTML slideshows, documents like PDF, Microsoft Word, Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint presentations, videos (AVI, MP4, WMV, WebM) Flash videos, and interactive simulations.


ActivePresenter was developed in 2007 by Atomi system Inc. In 2008 the 1.0 version was released and became available in online market six months later with three editions, including free of charge edition.


Active presenter has three editions till now with different prices each having different and added features.

  • Free Edition

This edition has no charges(freeware) and has the most updated features. But unrestricted export is limited to JPEG and PNG images, and WMV, AVI, MPEG4, WebM video formats, and SCORM. Other output formats are supported to demonstrate features, but an obtrusive watermark is added to the output. Even watermark is added it cannot be used for other purposes. Watermark to all exported outputs was added in the pre-2012 version.

Download Activepresenter latest version
  • Standard Edition

In this edition, a new feature has added which allows exporting to series of images, videos, flash videos, and documents. Microsoft PowerPoint presentations or HTML5 simulations can also be exported with watermarks on them.

  • SPro Edition

This edition additionally supports interactive simulations and quizzes in HTML5 output.


The free download Activepresenter comes up with cool features which let you perform your work with ease, such as Smart Capture, Full Motion Recording, Microphone and Speakers recording, WebCam recording, Audio, and Video editing, with colors and effects, Shapes, and free forms plus so much more. Then get to share them through your PC, Tablets, and Mac.

  • Smart Capture

The screen is captured when the mouse is clicked or the key passed. Each and every action is captured as a slide. That explains in detail what the viewer should follow to the master lesson.

  • Full Motion Recording

The screen is recorded as a full-motion video and fixed in the slide for further editing. This editing can be done with annotations, voice-over, zoom-n-pan, closed captions, and animation effects.

  • Microphone And Speakers Recording

As long as recording screen, record system audio and audio from microphone simultaneously. Recording voice-overs and narrations separately are also available.

  • Webcam Recording

Depending on your need you can record screen and webcam at the same time or record webcam video separately.

  • Audio And Video Editing

Audio and video are edited without quality loss. Supporting operations for editing include, cut, delete, crop, split, join, blur, change playback speed, change volume, and insert freeze-frame. Static and moving objects(sensitive information)are blurred to hide them in videos and images.

  • Color And Effect

Polished screencast videos of high quality and training simulations with different line/fill/text styles and shadow effects are made.

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  • Green Screen Effect For Video

Live-action footage can be done to enhance video presentations by layering two images/videos together based on Chroma range.

  • Shapes And Freeform

Using the freeform shape and scribble tool users draw custom vector shapes and paths.

  • Responsive Design

Design fully-responsive, mobile-ready eLearning contents. Easily convert regular projects to responsive ones.

  • Smart annotation

Automatically generate the description from the action and target application and insert into slide properly. Make contents almost ready to publish for a quick tutorial.

  • Publish To YouTube

It is one of the amazing feature of ActivePresenter that you can export your project as a video and upload it to YouTube from ActivePresenter.

  • Course Review

ActivePresenter allows users to review their answers by entering review mood from the report slide.

  • Equation

It allows users to write pixel-perfect equations and formulas for presentations or quizzes on math or any science. Copying equations from Microsoft Office is also possible.

  • Feedback Master

It offers a consistent look and feel across feedback layers throughout your course. You can also design your feedback layer with text, images, videos, and more.

  • Advanced Action

Streamline the interaction-making process by combining multiple conditional actions into a single advanced action that can be reused effortlessly.

Download Activepresenter given version for free. It is compatible with Windows and Mac OS. The Windows 32 bit and 64-bit operating systems support the Activepresenter application. The latest version of Activepresenter has released and available for free download.