Download Adaware Free Antivirus Standalone Installer

The latest version of Adaware free antivirus standalone installer is given for Windows PC. You can download Adaware free antivirus offline installer for all Windows versions like XP, Vista, 8, 8.1, 7, and 10. Adaware free antivirus is designed for infected computers to detect and clean in a safe way. It is also fighting against cyberhackers and all new attacks of the modern viruses. Adaware offline installer needs once download and then do install on any computer without waiting for a movement. There are new challenges introduced for defenders by the modern hackers. The Adaware is the only security provider which can fight against flexible attacks. It can stop ransomware and its generating issues for devices such as Android, Windows, iOS, and Mac.

The cyberattackers can work hard to find ways to infect your device. The Adaware is always a step ahead of such attacks. It can analyze the emerging threats and defend against such threats. There are new challenges like “internet of things” which can increase the malware for smart devices of iOS, and Android.

The browser redirects and ransomware is a challenge for security detectors which can increase issues of theft personal information from any device. The Adaware free antivirus can fight against five kinds of cyber attacks. The Adaware is the only free antivirus who fights against these cyber hacker attacks in 2018. You can read them in detail below here.

Adaware Free Antivirus Kills Five Types of CyberAttacks

There are five types of cyber attacks which can be stopped by Adaware Antivirus. Those five attacks are “Internet of things, mobile malware, ransomware, social media scams, and browser redirection”. These are the advance attacker tools in the modern age. You can stop them by using Adaware free antivirus. Before going further, read these threats in detail under here.

CyberAttack “Internet of Things”

The involving attacks of the internet in 2018 by “the internet of things”. The hacker tools of IoT include smart locks, security cameras, thermostats, and many others. The IoT can increase their attacks with the passage of time. They will never stop attacking, but the Adaware is also never stopping to defense.

Android Mobile Malware

The iOS smart devices are not as at risk of malware as Android because Android open platform is the more reliable source to attack for attackers. The Cisco study has shown different attacks in 2015, 2016, and 2017. The attackers will increase their attacks further in 2018. So be careful while installing an app on your Android device and make sure what kinds of permission you are giving this app on your smart device also.

The Ransomware Threats

As everyone knows ransomware is not the latest threat. The hackers are using it for many years. They infect your pc and demand of money to unlock your PC. The Adaware official has written in their description that the San Francisco Transit Agency was the recent victim of this attack. There are many security software whom even don’t know about such attacks. The Adaware free antivirus can read such infectious files while the entering into your system. It stops unknown risky files to provide more security for your personal data.

Adaware Stops Social Media Scams

The social media scammers are trying to get access your Facebook account through a shared information link. They can access your account and start a scam. The Adaware officials are recommending ad blocker to stop such scammers.

The Browser Redirect Threats

Browser redirects can hijack your personal information from your browser. Such threats are trying to continue malware methods to cheat you. This can also contain pop-up ads etc. It is recommended that for blocking such threats ad blocker of Adaware with free antivirus must be installed on your PC, Android, and iOS. You can stop them as well through these security tools.

Adaware free antivirus offline installer is available for Windows. You can download it by following the given downloading link below. It contains the Adaware standalone installer’s direct downloading link only. If you want to download Adaware for Android and iOS then you must visit the official site of Adaware antivirus. There you can download it for all platforms as well.