Download Comodo Antivirus Offline Installer (All Packages)

The latest version of Comodo free Antivirus standalone installer/ offline installer is available for Windows. While the maximize your productivity, Comodo Antivirus can protect your identity through different ways. There are patented protection technologies in the Comodo to provide you with a secure platform for business communication and personal activities. Comodo has various types of comprehensive packages for users. They can choose any of them to secure their data and products with it. You can choose a package which suits you the best. Comodo standalone installer is available for Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, and Windows 10. It detects all types of malware from time to time and provides you with the best security you ever need.

If you were previously burdened with security issues on your system. You can use Comodo the theft and hacker killer software tool to get out of them. If you are using Windows 10, there is infect windows defender exist in Comodo. You can save your Windows 10 against different kinds of malware and spyware attacks. Comodo security efficient features can defend you against various kinds of infecting issues. It can keep you away from threats always a step ahead. Comodo free antivirus has a flexible method for security of PC Windows.

Comodo Antivirus Standalone Installer

Free Antivirus of Comodo is available as a standalone installer for all devices on the official website. We have brought you the Comodo antivirus standalone installer for Windows here. You can download the three main packages of Comodo for free. The main packages are as under;

  • Comodo Free Antivirus
  • Comodo Internet Security, and
  • The third one is Comodo Firewall

1. Comodo Free Antivirus

Comodo free antivirus provides the most advanced security for all PCs. It comes with better features for security issues. It provides resilient enough protection to defend attacks of infectious malware and threats. There is a granular scanner to defend against suspicious files and processes which hides in a computer. The free antivirus contains cloud-based technology which quick scans for auto updates of virus definitions of Comodo. It can allow only verified files to get access on your system. The dangerous programs will be prohibited to get access to your system.

Antivirus Works with Defence Technology

The Comodo has introduced the Host Intrusion Protection System (HIPS). This system contains the defence + technology combination for the protection purpose. HIPS is defending with a traditional blacklist to isolate the infectious programs from evading the blacklist. Traditional blacklist works in steps when an unknown file able to cross the initial blacklist. The defence technology isolates it from sandbox environment.

Comodo has embedded this useful functionality in its free antivirus detection software. Through this feature, the Comodo has a competitive superiority over other Antivirus programs.

How to install?

  • Download Comodo Antivirus by following the given downloading link below
  • Double click on the downloaded file to run installation on PC
  • Follow the instructions which will be shown on your screen to run and finished the installation process
  • Remember before going to install Comodo on your system; you must uninstall the previously installed antivirus from your pc
2. Comodo Internet Security Standalone Installer

Internet security will give you the opportunity to stay away from the modern threats of the Internet. You can defend the increasing threats and saves your computer from being hacked. You can use any sensitive information online without any interruption in the presence of Comodo. The Comodo can provide the best security for the online shopping, transfer funds through online banking, and many more services. Comodo secures your browser while the using online services and you will stay safe from Internet theft.

Comodo Internet Security is also best to defend against emerging threats of the Internet. It uses Sandbox Technology which locks unknown files to test in real time. The Internet security will create the environment to test unknown file’s behaviour to defend the threats and malware. The most useful features have been added to Comodo Internet Security. You can check them under here before going further.


  • Anti-Spyware
  • Antivirus
  • Memory Firewall
  • Defense+
  • Auto sandbox technology
  • Bot protection
  • Anti Malware
  • Anti-Rootkit
  • Compatibility with all Windows versions
  • Cloud-based Antivirus
  • Security scanner
  • Secure shopping
  • Ultimate product support
  • Ultimate live expert virus removal
3. Comodo Firewall Standalone Installer

Comodo firewall is an award-winning program. It can protect your system from malware, hackers, and different kinds of viruses. Comodo Firewall always running scanner to find and detect infectious threats. You can get a fast and hassle risk-free online experience with the presence of Comodo firewall. It monitors traffic on your PC and manages them as well. The Comodo Firewall defending against all internet attacks. The firewall also provides the best security for your connected connections and letting you to being safe on online. Your connections also being monitored by Comodo firewall. The latest features are also included in the firewall for better security.


  • Safe online shopping
  • Protection against malware, hackers, and viruses
  • Monitor PC traffic
  • Securit for Intenet connections
  • Security for Internet attacks

Comodo Antivirus offline installer contains Intenet security, firewall, and free antivirus in it. All these products are compatible with Windows XP, Vista, 7, 10, 8.1, and Windows 8. You can download the Comodo antivirus for Android, Mac, or any other operating system. Comodo for Android and other operating systems can be download from online because are providing online Windows products for our visitors. It is possible to contact the support of Comodo to get help for a free package. The online support is available on Comodo official website. Download Comodo Antivirus standalone installer for Windows below here.