Download GB Whatsapp App

Download GB Whatsapp App

Updated: December 11, 2019

Download GB Whatsapp app 2020 for free. Whatsapp is also available for PC as an offline installer, and for Macbook full version free. Whatsapp Messenger is also available in offline setup for all operating systems such as Android, iOS, Window phone, etc. When we talk about development in Information Technology, we see many discoveries and inventions in the respective field. In the past decade, social media got its zenith with inventions like Facebook, Twitter, etc. Among these discoveries, Whatsapp is one of the most effective, famous and useful applications, which is being used by Billions of users around the Globe. You could hardly find today’s world person who does not use the very application. Whatsapp has entered into our lives in a way that it cannot be replaced by any other application. The GBWhatsapp has been brought you for free download below here.


Whatsapp is a versatile application through which you can send any sort of files, i.e. images, videos, documents, gifs, audios, etc. In addition, you can make video and audio calls to your friends and family. Interestingly, its calling function works in all connections, even if the connection is very poor. Another feature of the app is the status update. You can share your daily status with your contacts, which will be vanished after 24 hours.

Use of Whatsapp

Initially, people used to use Whatsapp informally and unofficially. Nowadays, office works are being carried out through Whatsapp. For instance, professors in universities give tasks to their students on Whatsapp, official notifications are sent through Whatsapp, task reports are delivered to the respective authorities through Whatsapp, News channels use Whatsapp offline installer, Whatsapp Apk to send and receive news and so on. There are numerous uses of Whatsapp, which cannot be described on a page. Once you would use it, you will come to know how useful Whatsapp is.

Here the question arises: What is it that makes Whatsapp so special and useful? The answer to this question is simple. First of all, Whatsapp works in all connections i.e. Wi-Fi, 4G, 3G, and even 2G. Secondly, it sends your data to the recipient swiftly, no matter how large the size of data is. Thirdly, almost every person uses it, so all of your friends and family would be available there. Its usefulness can be imagined from that Mark Zuckerberg, the founder chairman of Facebook, bought the application from its Indian founder.

Whatsapp Download

Since its foundation, users always desired to have a PC version of Whatsapp. After working for a long time, the company has become able to design Whatsapp application for computers. It is really effective and fast. Through the very application, you can easily synchronize your mobile phone with your PC. Undoubtedly, there is a multitude of benefits of using Whatsapp in PC. It is easy and swift to type your messages on the keyboard of a computer, thus saving your precious time. In addition, most of our documents are usually saved in PCs, so it’s easier and less time consuming to send any sort of data on PC Whatsapp application.

Whatsapp Download EXE/ Apk/ IPA / Mac

The latest version of the application needs an operating system of Windows 8+ or Mac OS 10.9+ or Android or iOS to be functional. To run this app, you must have to install the latest version on your smartphone. You cannot use the app on PC if your Whatsapp account in your phone is not logged in. The main thing to operate it is through your cell phone. When you launch the application in your PC, it will show a QR Code which needed to be scanned by mobile Whatsapp application. Once the scan is successful, your mobile will be synchronized with PC, i.e. all the chats, call history, etc. that is present in your mobile will appear in the PC application.

Whatsapp Compatibility:

Before launching the PC version of Whatsapp, one of the problems associated with its use in PC was that it needed only a compatible browser to work. We are lucky to announce that there is no such kind of issue in this application. With all of its features functional, it works in its own window and has nothing to do with your browser. The application uses a camera and microphone of your PC (if available), for video and audio calling purpose.

Whatsapp Required:

File format: EXE
Compatible with: Windows 32bit/ 64bit
File Volume: 132MB
Supports to: Windows 8 and higher/ Android/ Mac/ iPhone
Official Website:
Setup: Offline Installer
Latest version: v2.18.269
Android OS: v2.3.3 or higher
Though there are many messaging apps designed, none of them could replace Whatsapp. Its quickness in sending data and easy usage attracts everyone. Whatsapp is a great discovery in the history of technology. It has made us able to send/receive data in a few seconds. It has connected all of our friends and relatives to us. No matter wherever any dear is in the world, it is in our fingertips to talk to him/her, see his/her face and share photos, audios, videos, and documents.

Indeed, almost all of you are users of Whatsapp, and you all know better about it. Here, I would suggest you experience this PC version of it. It is really fascinating, and you will love it. It eases your work and saves your time. You will find no bugs in this PC application. Don’t think much about it, it absolutely free. You don’t have to pay anything to download it. Just download it and enjoy the high speed messaging application. Free Whatsapp Download latest version for Windows 32 bit and 64 bit for free.

Whatsapp Download 32Bit | 64Bit


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