Falcon Box Latest Setup Download For PC With Drivers

Download Falcon Box Latest Setup

Falcon box latest setup version 2020 download free for PC Windows with latest version drivers. It is compatible with Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, and 10 having 32 bit or 64 bit operating system. Falcon Box is a best mobile tool to unlock, repair, and flash mobile phones in a simple way. V3.3 of falcon box is the most recent release and available to free download. If you need to download falcon box latest setup installer, then go below here and follow the given link at the bottom of this article. A lot of new mobile brands have been added in this new release to support. You can check them under here.

New added mobile brands!

Falcon Box version v3.3 is supporting various new mobile brands to flash, repair, and unlock them. The mention brands below are newly added in this latest version with previous supporting mobile brands.

G928W8, Samsung Sm-G930F, Samsung Sm-G930FD, Samsung Sm-G930K, Samsung Sm-G930L, Samsung Sm-G930S, Samsung Sm-G930W8, Samsung Sm-G935F, Samsung Sm-G9287, Samsung Sm-G9287C, Samsung Sm-G928C, Samsung Sm-G928F, Samsung Sm-G928G, Samsung Sm-G928I, Samsung Sm-G928K, Samsung Sm-G935FD, Samsung Sm-G935K, Samsung Sm-G935L, Samsung Sm-G935S, Samsung Sm-G935W, Samsung Sm-G920A, Samsung Sm-G920AZ, Samsung Sm-G920D, Samsung Sm-G920F, Samsung Sm-G920FD, Samsung Sm-G920FZ, Samsung Sm-G920I, Samsung Sm-G920K, Samsung Sm-G920L, Samsung Sm-G920S, Samsung Sm-G920T, Samsung Sm-G920W8, Samsung Sm-G9250, Samsung Sm-G925A, Samsung Sm-G925F, Samsung Sm-G925FQ, Samsung Sm-N920K, Samsung Sm-N920L, Samsung Sm-N920S, Samsung Sm-N920T, Samsung Sm-N920W8,  Samsung Sm-G928L, Samsung Sm-G928S, Samsung Sm-G928T, Samsung Sm-G928W8, Samsung Sm-G930F, Samsung Sm-G930FD, Samsung Sm-G930K, Samsung Sm-G930L, Samsung Sm-G930S, Samsung Sm-G930W8, Samsung Sm-G935F, Samsung Sm-G935FD, Samsung Sm-G920L, Samsung Sm-G920S, Samsung Sm-G920T, Samsung Sm-G920W8, Samsung Sm-G935K, Samsung Sm-G935L, Samsung Sm-G935S, Samsung Sm-G935W, Samsung Sm-G925I, Samsung Sm-G925K, Samsung Sm-G925L, Samsung Sm-G925S, Samsung Sm-G925T, Samsung Sm-G925W8, Samsung Sm-N9208, Samsung Sm-N920A, Samsung Sm-N920C, Samsung Sm-N920CD, Samsung Sm-N920F, Samsung Sm-N920G, Samsung Sm-N920I.

Features of Falcon Box:

  • Best no root method for Samsung Note 7 series (Super fast, and safe method).
  • Unlock mobile directly.
  • Lock status readable.
  • MSI reset ability.
  • Samsung Shannon series re-lock reset MSi.
  • Universal Qualcomm features improved.
  • Diag enable added.
  • Mobile IMEI repair feature.
  • Added direct unlock for root method.
  • A lot others.

Download and install falcon box latest version .exe for Windows. You can also check for new available version anytime from the link below. Get your mobile tool here.

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