Free and open source Electronic Medical Records Software (EMRS) download latest version.  There is two open source EMRS that has been brought you from their official sites. You can download both of them for free. The given Electronic Medical Records Software is compatible with Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10, XP, and Vista. The these versions of Windows having 32 bit and 64 bit operating system can support for Electronic Medical Records Software (EMRS). The current version of these software are v2.6.1 of OpenMRS, and v5.0.0.2 of OpenEMR. There is an option through which you can check for the latest release version of these free software. You can check latest version of OpenMRS through the visiting of “source 1” and “source 2” for OpenEMR software tool.

1. Open Source MRS (Electronic Medical Record System)

Open Electronic Medical Records system is created by Their mission is to provide a good health facility to the world. They have stated that through the Open MRS they want to improve health care delivery of resources to the environment of global community. In the contribution from the behalf of them, they created a free scalable tool, a free robust tool, an easy user driven tool, and a best platform for medical record system open source tool. Open MRS contains all the above free tools in it.

Open MRS is a contribution to reduce the AIDS, Malaria, and tuberculosis in the development world, where these diseases are afflict the millions of lives.

2. Open Source EMR ( Electronic Medical Records Software)

Open EMR (Electronic Medical Records Software) is a solution by The official has claim that Open EMR will help the Medical Records and Medical practices management. They also claim that they are certified with ONC and ISO which you can check here. It is an openness, kindness, and cooperation commitments for medical solution by passionate volunteers and contributors. It support to thirty different languages, and more features.

Open Source electronic medical records software download

Download free source Electronic Medical Records software for PC Windows from below here. If you are searching it for other platform than Windows. Please visit source 1, and source 2 at the bottom of this page. Where you can get these open source software for Mac, Linux, Android, iOS, etc.

You can direct download these tools from below here. The given referral “Download” will give you the full file of “source 1” and “source 2”. You can download both open sources under here.

Download | Source 1 | DownloadSource 2

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