GOM Player Plus Crack Offline Installer Latest Free Download

The latest version of GOM Player Plus offline installer full version has been released and available for free download. It is compatible with Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, and Windows 10. It supports for all media files to play. There is built-in support for all video formats. GOM Player Plus is considered the best video media player in the world. The developers have added tons of advanced features, extreme customizability, and the codec finder service in this latest version. These features are fulfilling all the modern playback needs. There are millions of users in more than 100 countries. The users are searching for GOM Player as PC GOM player. You can download GOM Player full versions and GOM Player Plus full version offline installer for Windows. After that, you have to buy the license for GOM player plus.

There are a lot of useful features in this version. You can check them here for the knowledge base. All those features are;

  • Premium features available free version
  • All video formats support by default
  • Strong subtitle support
  • Customization enabled
  • Codec finder available
  • There are advanced features in free version
  • 360 degree VR video on GOM player
  • Mobile compatibility feature
  • GOM remote for mobile connectivity

This latest version of GOM player consists of built-in codecs, all video formats, playlist formats, different formats of the subtitle, and support for all audio formats. All these unique features will be discussed in detail later.

GOM Player Plus Offline Installer for PC

GOM Player plus offline installer is available for PC Windows. An offline installer contains the full setup EXE file for PC. It requires time for one time of its download and that you can install it on any PC system without having the internet connection. The offline installer setup provides more easiness for the users. People are searching online for the offline installer of every software tool they need.

GOM player free and Gom player plus are the always consider the best video player in the globe. These players have advanced features to support all video, audio, and subtitle formats. It contains 24MB full file size which is easy to download. GOM Player plus built-in codes and other best features are given in detail below here.

GOM Built-In Codes:

The built-in codes of GOM player are “DIV2, DIV3, DIVX, DX50, Vorbis, FLAC, ADPCM, DIV4, DIV5, DIV6, XVID, DIV1, M4S2, MP4V, BLZO, MJPG, RMP4, DXGM, H264, DVSD, THEO, VP8, VC1, MPEG1, MPEG2, VP6, FPS1, TRUEMOTION2, DVCP, DVPP, QTRLE, RPZA, PRORES, MSZH, IV50, IV40, SVQ3, H265, TSCC, TSCC2, Cinepak, SVQ1, G2M4, LAGARITH, Nellymoser, MP41, MP42, MP43, H263, AP41, MPG4, MP4S”.

Formats of Audio, Video, Subtitle, and Playlist

.aac, .flac, mp3, .m4a, .wav, .wma, .alac, .rma , .ogg,

.mp4, .k3g, .ifo, avi, .divx, .ogm, .mkv, .ts, .asf, .wmv, .wma, .mov, .mpg, .m1v, .m2v, .rmvb, .rm, .ogg, .flv, .asx(Video), .dat .vob, .m4v, .3gp/3gp2,

sub(& IDX), vtt(Text), dvb, ass, psb, txt, sbv,smi, srt, rt, vobsub(Built-in Subtitle).

.pls, .asx,

External codecs can play all additional formats.

Open Source GOM Player

GOM player is free for every user. It is compatible with Windows, Android, iOS, and Mac. Any user from the globe can download it and use it for free. GOM player is released as open source. The premium license of GOM player plus is also available which can be bought from the official site of GOM.

GOM File Support

GOM player setup consists all the video formats, audio formats, subtitle formats, and playlist formats. If any file format is not in the library of GOM player, then it uses external codes to play them as well.

GOM Advanced Features

GOM Player also contains the advanced features for their users. The advanced features are “media player capture, A-B repeat, playback speed control, video effects, and screen capture”. There are more hidden features exist in the GOM player. The listed above features are the popular one in GOM Player.

You can download GOM player plus for Windows from below. If you are looking GOM for any other operating system then you should visit gomlab.com. It is the official site of GOM player. All the GOM software tools are available on gem-lab. Remember! The link below contains the GOM player offline installer for Windows only. Follow the given link below to get your desired file instantly.