iPhone Unlock Software Free Download for PC

iPhone unlock software toolkit latest version has been released and available to free download. This tool is also known as iFree unlocker toolkit. The iPhone unlock software is compatible with Window PC. The developers has created the new version for the year of 2020. iPhone Unlock Software tool latest version is 2020. It is available to direct free download from the given downloading link below. iPhone unlock software is a useful unlocker tool for all iPhone models. You can use it on any iPhone iOS version (v3.0 to v7). This tool is performing good to unlock, locked iPhone’s, and iDevices.

iPhone Unlock Software Free Download for Windows

iPhone unlock software is unlocking all iPhones which is locked by network providers or manufacturers for some networks/ functions. This is supporting to Windows 32 bit and 64 operating system of XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, and 10. There is a simple and easy user interface in iFree toolkit. This tool has two buttons to use, one is to run unlock process U1, and the second one is to close ifree tool U2. There is not a complicated scientific procedure here in this tool.

The ifree unlocker client toolkit has a big potential to unlock iPhone models. This tool is a bit easier, interesting, and useful for new users. For a safe unlocking, just download the backup of your phone before run unlocker. Because there is a negative outcomes from some iPhone models. So, keeping backup is a safe to recover data later.


  • A simple and easy user interface.
  • Have two button to use (U1 run unlocker) and (U2 close the unlocker).
  • Some iTunes support to iPhone Unlock Software tool.
  • Supported for certain iPhone model phones.
  • No cost, no charges, free and open source.
  • Consume a short time to unlock (just a single click).

If your iPhone has locked possible usage. The network providers and manufacturers has signed a contact. iPhone unlock software is helping good to unlock those mobile models and enable them to use. It helps very well to all iPhone users who face such difficulties in all over the glob. There are a lot of positive reviews on all online forums for this software tool. You are to download and install it on PC, and then run it as easy as it is.


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      At the bottom of the article, there is a downloading link. Click on it to proceed the download process.


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