NotePad++ Download for PC Windows

Notepad++ latest version free download for PC Windows for the year 2020. Notepad++ is available for Windows 32 bit and 64 bit operating system. You can check the most recent version of the time and download it from the given “download” text link at the bottom of this article. There have been fixed various bugs in the latest version v7.5.3. There have fixed shell extension registration failure, theme file installation failure, and DSpellCheck incomplete installation fixed in the installer of Notepad++. You can download full version tool for Windows 32bit and 64bit from the given downloading link below.

Notepad has played a great role in the web development since the initial version. Notepad still is the best in this field. There is no any best alternate of Notepad++. It is used to write HTML, PhP, Python, CSS, C++ programming, and a lot more. It is the best for you if you are new to programming, or web development. There are some other web development tools such as JRE, JDK, Pycharm, etc.

Notepad++ Download for PC Windows

In the modern age there are all the tools have been made by technology. Each and every tool use programming to perform their task. Even a small program has more money as compare to physical jobs. The entire new student are attracting by this field day by day. A time will came and there will not be as huge student in other fields. There will be more rush in IT field and increase students day by day.

There were some bugs found in previous version. In the version v7.5.3 all those bugs have fixed. You can review them under here.

  • Shell extension registration failure has fixed
  • Theme file installation failure has fixed in the installer
  • DSpellCheck incomplete installation in installer has fixed

Features of Notepad++

  • Folding and highlighting the syntax
  • Highlighting and folding user defined syntax
  • Perl compatible regular expression (PCRE) search/ replace
  • Customize GUI entirely
  • Multi document and document map
  • Various argument launched
  • Zoom in/out
  • Auto completion of writing
  • Multi view
  • Support multi languages
  • Macro playback/ recording
  • Print WYSIWYG
  • Add bookmarks
  • & more

Notepad++ is used to write programming, web development, and many other functions. Still Notepad is a best web developing tool for PC Windows. Some bugs have found in the previous version of this tool. In this new version all those bugs have fixed. This tool is best for new comers. Especially for those whom came from other languages. This PC tool is supporting for multi languages. You can learn, teach, and write programming by using notepad. You can download the latest version tool for PC under here.

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